Balloons and Helium Gas

Funky Bananas is a premium helium gas and balloon supplier. We have balloons for all occasions.

We supply latex balloons in plain and metallic finish and in various color.

Balloons and Helium Gas from Funky Bananas at affordable prices.

Foil balloons also available in various themes.

Foil Balloon Bouquets in many themes.

We supply helium gas or also known as partigas at premium rates.

Please note: The helium in latex balloons last approximately 8 to 10 hours in summer

and 12 to 14 hours in winter. This will be influenced by the quality of the balloon.

Funky Bananas only use superior quality balloons to neutralize this.

Balloon float time in latex balloons can be extended with a sealant gel, hi-float, that we supply. This gel will extend the floatation time of latex balloons up to 4 days.

Please enquire in-store for more info.

Balloons and Helium Gas from Funky Bananas.